Tuesday, October 04, 2016

VP Tim Kaine Turns his Back on Catholicism

Tim Kaine who is currently debating Mike Pence is supposedly Catholic, but in reality he stands in public opposition to it. He is hugely in favor of gay marriage, equating it with real marriage between a man and a woman. He openly admits this puts him at odds with Catholic teaching, but he doesn't even care. He even says this is his personal belief.

Furthermore, he is a big time proponent of abortion. He believes it should be not only legal, but paid for by taxpayers, many of whom oppose it. He thinks it should be available in every community, at any time, for free.

Obviously he's thrown out his allegiance to his faith in favour of political positions. Now he's the potential vice president. Does he think his sacrifice of his very own faith was a good calculation? I mean really this is just a job, and he is sacrificing his faith for it.

On the other hand, the Trump Pence ticket believe abortion is wrong and are seeking ways to reduce it - the opposite of this so-called Catholic. Kaine is so concerned about nuclear proliferation, but is apparently unconcerned about abortion proliferation.

Well, basic bottom line is Kaine has openly rejected his faith.

P.S. While writing this, Fr. Zuhlsdorf from the famous blog just made a great point. From his Catholic formation which he seems to have forgotten, Tim Kaine shoudl realize for something to be good overall, it must have good means and ends. If Clinton got donations from evil empires, it doesn't matter if she does good with it.

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