Monday, April 26, 2010

Canadian tax payers will not be forced to pay for abortions in developing world

I am happy about a decision made by the Canadian government to not pay for the killing of unwanted children in the developing world. The Canadian Government has decided, despite protests from opposition, that part of a healthy plan for developing countries it would not fund abortion.

Some have brought up the objection that some women die in unsafe abortions. But if we break this down a little, we get a different story. Women attempt to kill their unborn child, but this involves injuring themselves. This is a very sad situation and I feel bad for these women who are injured. But legalizing the murder of some individuals is not the solution. What if some fathers who were committing honour killings but in the process were injured or killed. Would we make honour killings legal to alleviate this issue? No.

We shouldn't have abortion, and we definitely should not be funding abortion in other countries. Everyone has a right to life, that includes our young brothers and sisters who live in their mothers wombs.


  1. I wish pro-lifers would say it more often: if women don't want to die of illegal abortions, they shouldn't have one.

  2. Sort of makes it sound like you`re saying it`s better to have abortions illegal and have the mother and child (I`m using your words here) die.

    Rather than having abortions legally obtainable by a medical professional in which only the child (again, your words) dies.

    With abortions, no one dies. A POTENTIAL live is lost, but that`s it. Every time a male masturbates a potential life is lost too. Why not try and make that illegal?