Monday, April 05, 2010

Friend is baptized

My good friend Jonathan was baptized, confirmed and received his first Holy Eucharist on Easter Sunday at St. Pius X in St. John's. It was during a Tridentine Latin Mass, the first such Mass celebrated in recent times at St. Pius X church. Jon was very much looking forward to that day, and was very joyful to be baptized. Many of the events during the Latin Mass Baptism were new to me. For example, the priest put salt on the catechumen's tongue, saliva on his ears and nostrils. Oil is placed on the head and of course water is used on the head as well. The catecumen thrice rejects Satan. After the baptism, the new member of Christ's church is dressed in a white robe. Latin Mass baptism is very full of symbolism. This is a very exciting time for Jon. Let's keep him in our prayers.


  1. Before I state my opinion here, I just want to tell you that I checked with 2 priests to ensure I was correct about when the RCIA initiation can occur. Both informed me that it is only supposed to happen at the Easter Vigil and quoted the Ordo for me on it.

    I am sure that John had a reason for wanting it done at a Latin Mass; however, the reality is that this is not the Easter Vigil and therefore shows complete disrespect for a) the rules of the Church (which is not so much John's fault, as it is the fault of the presiding Parish. b)a lack of respect for the unity of the Church.

    I am sure that few people, compared to the Easter Vigil, attended this Mass. This took away the opportunity for a large group of people to witness his RCIA and join in his celebration. As you are aware in the 21st century the Church needs all the positive images it can get.

    I also have to say that it is necessary for some people to remember that Vatican II occurred for a reason. The changes made to the Liturgy were done for good cause and are now a part of the Church. Although Latin Masses are still allowed, they are not to be the norm. Therefore to take a Priest away from a congregation, on Easter Sunday no less, to perform a Latin Mass shows disregard for the reasons behind Vatican II.

    Although I am very happy for Jon and will keep him in my prayers, I think it was in extremely bad taste for him to celebrate his sacraments outside the Vigil and hope that in the future the unity of the Church will come before his personal preference, which this had to have been.

    Finally, I am sure that you will disagree with me on the lack of respect it shows to the Easter Vigil as the proper place for this to occur. Just doing some research, I found 4 RCIA websites given by Parishes stating that the Rite, especially for an unbaptized candidate, should only be done outside the Vigil if absolutely necessary. I am sure since Jon had his Initiation the day after the Vigil, that Saturday night was an option.

    There, done ranting, I just find this disunity so harmful to our Church today which needs all the hope it can get.

  2. Hello Anonymous. Your unedifying rant was shameful. The answer to your question, however, is that the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum has amended the law of the Church to allow baptisms in the traditional rite. Your dive into the Ordo was a waste of time, because it concerns only the rules of the new rite.

    There is no loss of unity within the Church when adhering to the provisions of Summorum Pontificum so generously granted by our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI. The only bad taste displayed was by you in your uninformed and uncharitable comment.