Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mockery, a dishonest tactic

I realized tonight that one of the main tactics used by adversaries of Christianity is mockery. I was reading some comments on a good Christian video about a wholesome family, yet there were so many comments that were mocking them. They would say stuff like, oh they think they're so good, but what about this...

I realized that sometimes even if you are right, the other side can always come up with more comments or arguments. A fallacy is to believe each comment must be disproven. You cannot think that just because someone brings up a retort they are being logical, sensible or even honest.

This was even used on Our Lord. When he was being crucified, his detractors were not having a philosophical argument with Jesus, they were mocking him, asking him why he didn't take himself down off the cross if he was so powerful, and various comments like this. They used mockery. This is also common today. It is often combined with accusations of hypocracy.

Speak the truth and pay no attention to those who seek only to mock.

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  1. Mockery is able to be just be an extension of the truth. Just truth presented in a rude way.

    Also, it's hypocrisy, not "hypocracy". ;)