Sunday, April 18, 2010

Popes weeps with victims

Pope Benedict was in Malta, a small island nation, Friday and Saturday (yesterday and the day before). It was to mark the 1950th anniversary of St. Paul's arrival there. He arrived when he was shipwrecked there. The country is 98% Catholic and Catholicism is the official state religion.

Some people were not sure if the pope would meet with sex abuse victims, but he did for quite some time. It was widely reported that he wept with the victims when hearing their tragic stories. One man who said he had lost his faith said it was restored after the meeting.

When the pope arrived, he was greeted by an enormous band and singing from a large choir. Many bishops from the Middle East visited the small country to join in the procession. You could see certain bishops were wearning non-Latin-rite vestments, this is why.

This trip is wedged between the Holy Father's Birthday (which was on Friday) and fifth anniversary as pope, which is tomorrow.

The visit was a great success!

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  1. What a load of shit. Fuck the pope and all he stands for! Weeping with the victims? If that's even true, the tears which he shed are nothing but crocodile tears!

    If he ACTUALLY cared about the tens of thousands of victims who have been raped by pedophiles employed by the church he would do something other than shed tears. He would have these sick child raping men put in jail, and not be covering up their actions. The pope is a terrible person.

    Nothing the church or the pope does is a great success.