Monday, April 25, 2011

Lesbian wins $22,500 over comedian's insults

The Human Rights Tribunal of BC (along with many tribunals in Canada) has become nothing more than a taxpayer-funded attack animal of the far left in Canada. Freedom of speech is now a distant memory as the most vilified group of society are Christians, especially Catholics and where abortion, homosexuality, and embryo destruction have attained the status of untouchable. Anyone who dares joke about any of these topics is swiftly dealt with in Canada's socialist-friendly kangaroo court of liberal bias.

The most recent case is one where a couple of lesbians go to a comedy show and begin to heckle the performer. He banters back with jabs at their lesbian-ness. This apparently is a crime in Canada. It's not that people disagree with it, find if offensive, or do not hire him for any more gigs. It is now a felony offense which carries a strict penalty to speak negatively about gays or lesbians, even if done with random insults at a comedy club. Have we lost all sense? Why is this group protected above and beyond anyone else?

Throughout the years, I have had to suffer through countless comedians who use the Catholic Church as their whipping boy. They relentlessly attack the Catholic Church characterizing every priest as a pedophile sodomite. This is deemed totally acceptable, even on prime time television. One particular comedian created an entire video in which he claims the Catholic Church was created with the sole purpose of sexually assaulting boys. He went into very graphic detail. Yet this is considered totally acceptable without the remotest possibility that he could be sued.

When it comes to freedom of expression, Canada should rank with war-torn third-world despotic nations run by autocrats. The only people with freedom of expression in Canada are those who advocate perversion. Anyone seen criticizing these perverse groups though can be charged with hate crimes and often have been. It's deplorable. The American system is far better. People are free to express their opinion regardless of what it may be. That is true freedom of expression. How free is the expression in Canada, if everything people say must be approved by a tiny fringe group of individuals with non-traditional morals? It's about as free as North Korea in that regard.

Once again, a Human Rights Tribunal in Canada has failed miserably to maintain anything which even slightly resembles a free society. Hopefully after the election, the government will strive to bring back freedom of expression in Canada.

Lesbian wins $22,500 over comedian's insults - CBC News

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