Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal rules in favor of pro-life monument

More proof that reality is stranger than fiction. A PARISHIONER complained about a pro-life monument erected in from of a CATHOLIC church. She filed the complaint to the human rights commission of Ontario saying that the inscription referring to life as being from "conception to natural death" is a statement against abortion and that the monument is "offensive and discriminatory because it denounces, victimizes, and excludes women."

The entire inscription on the monument reads: "Let us pray that all life rests in the hands of God from conception until death."

The woman who complained apparently is very much against the Church's stance on abortion. It's important to note that the inscription cannot be read from the road, and one must enter the premises of the church in order to read it.

I checked the date and this article is not from April Fool's Day. I'm sorry, but this absolute lunacy. First of all, how can this woman even claim to be Catholic in the first place? Opposition to abortion is a major teaching of the Church and she clearly disagrees with it. There are other churches which would probably support her agreement with abortion. I never understand this in general. How can people regularly attend a religious institution where they clearly disagree with many of its major teachings? This makes as much sense to me as someone claiming to be Christian but not believing that Jesus existed.

I'm actually pleasantly surprised that the Human Rights Commission of Ontario ruled against this woman, given Canadian Human Rights Commissions' tendency to rule against churches and Christian groups. I guess there was no way for them to see this in a bad light. They were forced to concede the church did nothing wrong. However, the tribunal adjudicator made it quite clear that she is not giving a general pass to the church or to the Knights of Columbus or any such group and that if they cross the line, they could be prosecuted. Obviously this is true, but I wonder if this adjudicator or any adjudicator in general would ever make a statement like this to any other group. It seems these tribunals have become nothing more than a weapon used by secularists to stop the Church from teaching.

These human rights tribunals generally really annoy me. I don't know much about their inner workings, but it just seems like they are so geared toward secularists and against the religious community in general.

As I mentioned in a previous article, the usual people who complain about religious expression are not people from other religions, but rather former or current Christians. Look at this woman. She actually attends this church regularly, yet SHE filed the complaint. It didn't come from a Hindu or Buddhist, it came from a so-called Catholic.

I can't believe that there are people at church every Sunday, participating at Mass, seeming to be completely Catholic, yet so opposed to Catholic social teaching that they would actually complain to a human rights tribunal about a consistent teaching of the Church. It just stuns me. How does it make any logical sense? The only possible explanation is that the individual really knows nothing about the Church. Perhaps they view it as some sort of "club" where everyone is a member of some kind of democracy which must align itself with the prevailing morality of the time and place.

In order to reject the Church's teaching on abortion, you must reject much more. You must reject the idea that the Church has the authority to explain and defend moral truths. You must cease to believe that Jesus established a church with a structure of bishops and priests. So now you would have to believe that the Church has no real authority and that as a Catholic you are free to pick and choose what you believe. I'm sorry, but without recognizing the authority of the Church, you cannot be properly called a Catholic in union with the Church. You have actually become a Protestant. Therefore, if you already believe as a Protestant, why are you still attending a Catholic church?

Anyway, 3 cheers for the Ontario human rights commission. Finally a ruling that is not against the Church.

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal rules in favor of pro-life monument |

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