Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some quick stuff on Palm Sunday

This is not a long post. Just a couple of tidbits about Palm Sunday, which was today.

1) My friend accompanied me to Mass today. She hadn't been there in a long time and she isn't Catholic so it was good that she wanted to come. She called a little while back saying she'd like to go, so we did.

2) Palm Sunday marks when Jesus came into Jerusalem and was hailed as king. The people waved palms and put down their cloaks for his to go across while sitting upon his donkey.

3) A donkey represents coming in peace. In those days, if a ruler came on a horse, it represented war, but riding in on a donkey or ass represented peace. So Jesus came in peace.

4) The waving of palms is referred to in books of the Bible, including Zacariah 9:9 and 1 Maccabbes 13:51

5) Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, the most holy time of the Christian calendar.

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