Saturday, April 09, 2011

Planned Parenthood avoids the word "abortion"

There's a big irony going on. The Republicans in the US want to cut a lot of spending in the budget, including all funds that are going to Planned Parenthood. Obviously lots of people are against this because they want abortion to be all over the place.

But the ironic thing I've noticed is that no one ever talks about abortion. The only argument used for continuing to fund Planned Parenthood is that it provides lots of "other" services like pap smears, contraception, etc. Some people even made up some of the stuff they provide to make them sound better.

But no one ever lists abortion as one of the good services that Planned Parenthood provides. They must be ashamed of this aspect of this organization. I've read lots of articles on this, and it's always the same old thing. Don't shut down Planned Parenthood because it does all this "other" stuff.

That's the stupidest argument I've ever heard. First of all, try to be logically consistent. If abortion is a good thing, then why try to hide it? Or why try to mask it by simply subsuming it into "maternal health", even though abortion has nothing to do with maternity or health. Instead, advocates should be proclaiming how happy they are about abortion and when debating this issue say they want Planned Parenthood to keep going strong so they can do more and more abortions. But they are not saying this. Maybe they realize how ridiculous it sounds.

Secondly, no amount of good can justify an evil. Who cares that the Nazis improved the economy greatly by building infrastructure or new cars or whatever? Who cares that they advocated new animal cruelty laws? Who cares that they united the country and increased patriotism? No one cares! I have never heard someone say we should support Nazis because of all the good stuff they did in Germany. It's a stupid defense. The fact is, they perpetrated great evil. That's the same thing with Planned Parenthood. Maybe they do provide SOME good services, but that cannot override the nefarious things they do, like aborting babies.

So much of this is a word game. Planned Parenthood is ashamed of what they do and they do not want people to hear about it, so they mask it with euphemisms like "maternal health" or "female health services" or "family planning", when in fact, they are providing abortion, killing pre-born children.

If the money is being spent, why not just give it to organizations that do not provide abortion or other immoral service. Then none of this debate would even have to happen.


  1. Yes. The money could be given to catholic priests so they can keep fucking children. Much better than helping women.

  2. You failed to mention that the catholic church was an avid co-sponsor of Hilter. Not too mention Hitler being a catholic...

  3. Pope John Paul was forced to be in the Hitler Youth when he was younger before Hitler outlawed Catholicism, John Paul had to complete his seminary in hiding in Poland. Also Hitler killed a million Catholics, so if her was Catholic, which there is absolutely no proof of - he doesn't seem that he liked them very much. I would suggest reading a history book this might be of use.

  4. Good points Briana. The points made by burpster have nothing to do with the arguments presented above. The Catholic Church has always officially been against Nazism. But the point of this article is not the Church's relationship with Nazism. It's about the moral impermissiblity of supporting an organization that does terrible evil just because it may also do some good.

    The fact that a small minority of priests abused children is also not relevant to the points made in this article. Obviously those incidences were a terrible tragedy and the Church condemns them.

    Money could legitimately go to Catholic organizations such as hospitals which would actually provide health services without providing abortion.

  5. Finally the poe is charged in world court. The cover-up of systemic abuse is being addressed.

  6. "Secondly, no amount of good can justify an evil. Who cares that the Nazis improved the economy greatly by building infrastructure or new cars or whatever?"

    Thanks for admitting that the harm done by the catholic church can not be undone by a simple apology. The catholic church is inheirently evil throughout history.

  7. Burpster, you seem to forget that other people have abused children too. It is not JUST a FEW (ex) members of the Church. I admit that this is absolutely DISGUSTING, but they are not the only ones who have committed this crime. At least we are targeting EVERYONE who aborts, not just a certain group. By you doing this, you are being racist towards Catholicism.

    And I'm sorry that you do not share our views, but your argument points are very minor. All your arguing is a few barely (if not completely not) relevant topics that we can easily refute. Why not just go for it and admit that you find it acceptable for someone to MURDER an unborn baby just because a mistake was made? There are plenty of women out there who are incapable of having children due to infertility, and more that would be happy to raise the life these people are so carelessly eradicating. You, sir, have no business attempting to call us morally corrupt when this is what we are up against.

  8. Val, good try at trivializing the rape and abuse of children by your church. The difference being that others that have done the same didn't have the catholic church behind them. Your church - top to bottom- was an active participant in the cover-up for priests and nuns. Racist towards catholics? You really out of your freakin' mind. The fact you can turn a blind eye is reason to believe you are mentally ill, something I've long suspect of the religious.