Thursday, September 16, 2010

13:01ET Papal homily

The pope is now giving his homily.

He is starting by thanking the bishops of Scotland.

Here is a summary of what the pope is saying:

Jesus is proclaiming his coming by going from town to town. Much has happened since the visit of Pope John Paul II. He called Catholics to walk hand-in-hand with other Christians. Benedict said to continue workign with them based on their common Christian heritage.

St. Paul appeared to the Romans to say we belong to Christ's body and each other in respect and love. This year marks for the 450th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Also it is the anniversary of the modern ecumenical movement.

St. Paul lists gifts, including teaching. The preaching of the gospel has always been done together with concern for people in the world.

St. Andrews is beginning to mark the 600th anniversary of its founding.

Scottish Catholic Schools have given education to many students. Helped young people in spiritual growth and growth in professional life. Never lose sight to use talents and experience. Engage the culture at all levels.

Some now seek to exclude religious blief from public discourse or to privatize it. Religious freedom is a guarantee of respect and makes us look upon each other as a brother and sister. Our baptismal calling is to be examples. Society needs clear voices to call for true welfare of citizens and offers protection to them. Do not be afraid to take up this struggle.

There are many great saints from these areas.

Be patient in suffering. Persevere.

Brothers, let me encourage in your pastoral leadership, as you know one of your first duties is to your priests and their sanctification. They are alter christus. Bring charity which flows from Christ. Pray for vocations. That the lord may send laborers to the harvest. Priests are central to the life of the Church.

Give ourselves completely to the service of God.

Deacons serve in their own way. Encourage them to grow in their mission.

Priests of Scotland, you are called to holiness and to serve God's people by modeling your lives on the mystery of God's cross. Preach the gospel with a pure heart and a clear conscience. Become shining examples for young men. Let them join you in your single-minded service of God's people.

Let me encourage the monks, nuns. Live a Christian life of prayer.

My dear young Catholics of Scotland, live lives in imitation of our Lord. Abuse of money, sex, pornography. These things are destructive and divisive. Only our Love of Jesus Christ can last. Search for him, know him, love him, and he will set you free from slavery. Put aside what is worthless, and learn your own dignity as children of God. Jesus asked us to pray for vocations.

I pray that many of you will know and love Jesus Christ. Dedicate yourselves completely to God, especially those of you who are called to the priesthood and religious life. The Church now belongs to you. Dear friends, I express my joy in celebrating this Mass with you. I send my prays in the ancient language of your country.

God's peace and blessing to you all. May God bless the people of Scotland.

---- End ----

Please note: That was not a precise transcript and many words and sections are missing. I simply typed as much as I could. I hope I captured the gist of the pope's message.

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