Thursday, September 23, 2010

My radio show is on the air right now - please listen

Hi everyone,

I have a Catholic Radio Show which is on the air right now.

You can listen here:
Please call in. I have no callers so far. The number is 1 (818) 394-8550

Don't be shy!



  1. hey, listened to your show, I caught almost all of it actually.

    I have 2 things I wanted to mention:

    1. you might want to accept live email questions, from people who may be working but can listen to radio and can't call. Or maybe take questions during the day or week to discuss on the next broadcast. It'll give you time to prepare answers as well in addition to any live questions/discussions.

    2. Having read the blog and now listening to the broadcast today.
    I find a reoccuring topic is atheism.

    You spoke of the Pope's visit to the UK and how the church is "pro-" as opposed to "anti-" (whatever the topic is)
    But anyone including catholicism can spin that and use that "argument", it's really just rewording to soften or put a positive spin on something, similar to the use of euphamisms.

    As a Christian I find it difficult to speak with people who are adamant and abrasive when discussing their religion or lack thereof.
    You seem to have a beef with atheists, but talk about getting to know the pope and church as opposed to the surface. Every atheist I know and have met is nothing like the group you describe.
    They feel God doesn't have to intervene in order for them to decide not to steal and kill people, but that kindness and compassion for others would already dictate that along with most other "moral" issues.

    to be continued...

  2. continued...

    I don't know where your opinion of atheists sprung from, maybe you heard some sound bites from people such as Richard Dawkins or heard/read people of faith trying to refute his statements, but I find my friends and family members who are atheists are just as moral and compassionate as anyone else I've ever met.
    They also aren't afraid of Hell or that there might be God so are in denial so they can live as they want either, that fear would drive them closer not further from God. They aren't afraid of God or hell, because they are pretty certain it isn't there.

    Outspoken atheists who are against lets just say Christianity for example could use the same logic: that Christian's and even more so Orthodox systems like Catholics are also afraid of hell, hence the constant checking that everything is in order and that they have repented in the event they suddenly die (so they don't go to hell). They would argue that people of faith are interested in self-preservation on a supernatural level and that they adhere to their faith in some part for that reason, perhaps even argue that is the main reason.

    Now, we can try to refute that idea and say that's not true of Christian/Catholics/Jews/Muslims, at least not all or perhaps even most (admittedly it may be true for some), but that it is a generalization based on a biased opinion of people of faith.
    If we do that then we would also have to grant the same concerning Atheists.

    I'm not asking you to remove anything from the site or write anything about it, I'm just asking you to reconsider the way you look at atheists in general. Yes, some people will claim atheism because they don't want to go to church or feel judged and do this as a reaction to the negative pressure they feel from religion, or can simply do as they please, but not all atheists. I highly doubt people like Richard Dawkins or Hitchens are in an internal conflict of denial.
    I feel you are building a bridge between atheism and satanism. The difference is between the two is clear. One of the main problems atheists have with religious people is equating them with satanism which is a purely self-interested "religion".