Friday, September 24, 2010

Next Radio Program at 1:00 ET Today

Hey everyone,

I will be airing my next radio broadcast today at 1:00PM Eastern Time (12:00 Central). The show is 2 hours.

To listen, go to

As usual, I will be discussing Catholic issues, but also general issues of morality, ethics, etc. from a Catholic perspective.

Please feel free to call into the show at 1 (818) 394-8550.

I will also answer qusetions I receive via email. There are two ways to reach me:

1) Comment on this blog post
2) Email me at mailto:philinaberdeen@gmail.comwith subject RADIO SHOW

Hope you can listen in!


1 comment:

  1. i thought of this in the shower last night.
    if we are to observe the sabbath, why do we not follow the same or similar regulations the jews do?

    i understand the covenant that christ brought over ruled the old testament, but the sabbath was still to be respected.
    so why did we toss out the laws concerning keeping God's day a day of rest?
    there are 39 things the jewish people are not to do on the Sabbath, why can we go and pretty much do anything we want now?

    Somethings aren't really work anymore, like turning on the lights and of course we make exemptions for emergency services and employees of the church who may have duties to perform (provided they get a day off later)
    but the question still remains, why did we abandon the laws concerning the sabbath? we barely even keep the spirit of the commandment now.

    I have heard that some Christians feel we can ignore that one of the 10 commandments as no longer applying but then doesn't that then begin to allow anything in the old testament to be declared as relevant or irrelevant based on discoveries made today?