Thursday, September 16, 2010

12:38ET Hymn sung by choir

The hymn being sung uses the tune of Lord of All Hopefullness, but I do not know if that is the hymn being sung, because the words sound different.

The pope gave two bishops of Scotland special chalices as gifts. They in return gave him a gift as well.

The bishop now speaking is greeting the pope and saying that it is the feast day of St. Ninian. He goes on to speak of St. Augustine of Canterbury and St. Columba. They say the faith went from Scotland to Ireland.

They mention also St. Aidan and the Venerable (St.) Bede.

The bishop mentions St. John Ogilvie who was martyred for his alligiance to the church.

The bishop now mentions John Henry Newman who will be beatified during this trip.

He said JPII "challenged us for the future to walk hand in hand."

He finishes by giving the Bishop of Rome "a hundred thousand welcomes".

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