Saturday, September 18, 2010

Papal Protestors Oppose Freedom of Religion

Isn't it so ironic? Secularists, atheists, and the liberally-minded all say that people have the right to believe or do anything they want. If you want to have sex with anyone, go right ahead. If you end up pregnant, get an abortion if you want. If you want to have a religion, have one, but if you don't want one, then don't. So much choice. Freedom in their minds is the ability to do anything one wants. Ironically though, behind this thin veneer of freedom, we find a dictatorship. You can believe anything you like, as long as it agrees with them.

Kind of reminds me of Henry Ford when he said you can have any color car you want, as long as it's black. A prominent group of atheists including Richard Dawkins is protesting the Pope's visit to Britain. Along with him are many secularists and liberals in general who want the pope nowhere near the UK.

They say the state should not be sponsoring the trip of the leader of a Church which condemns the killing of children in the womb, restricts (as Jesus did) the ministerial priesthood to men, and which upholds the traditional views on marriage which preclude homosexual unions and contraception.

They say we are free to believe anything we want, as long as we support abortion, female ordination, homosexual unions, and contraception. Sounds like doublespeak to me. Kind of like calling North Korea, which doesn't hold elections and oppresses its people, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

These individuals do not want freedom, they want oppression. They demand that everyone support their agenda and allow all kinds of moral evil, while at the same time preventing people from upholding traditional values.

While the Pope calls for freedom of religion and conscience, these tyrants say the state should do all in its power to eradicate religion and religious belief. Only atheism, they say, can be acceptable. Richard Dawkins gets so much media attention where he is able to express all his atheistic beliefs. He writes books which sell to millions of people. Yet when another man, namely Pope Benedict, is invited to offer his thoughts, Richard Dawkins is livid. He even tried to have the pope arrested.

Richard Dawkins and his atheist cronies have no real power right now and yet when the pope visits they receive extraordinary levels of media coverage. With the little power they have, they try to destroy freedom of religion, they say any expression of a thought contrary to theirs should be banned, and they generally try to create an atheistic totalitarian regime.

Imagine what they'd do if they had any real power.

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