Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Céline Dion pregnant again - but is it moral?

Céline Dion, 41, is apparently pregnant again with her husband, 67 year old René Angélil. Her first child was born in 2001 when she was 32, and was conceived using fertility treatment. It is unclear exactly what fertility treatment was used, however her last child was conceived via in-vitro fertilization, and shortly afterward she said she had frozen an embryo for later, so the child could have a "twin".

Is the child she is pregnant with now, that child from over 8 years ago? There are many immoral things happening here, including in-vitro fertilization, freezing embryos, etc. But just think about this from a practical point of view. If this is the embryo from 8 years ago, that could mean the child with whom Dion is pregnant with now could be the twin of the 8 year old. In that case, they would be twins separated by 8 years. Does this not sound absurb.

Of course, all children are gifts from God, despite how they were conceived. However, conception has to be done morally. A good example I hear one time was if a couple was infertile, so the man, unbeknownst to the wife, had sex with a prostitute, she got pregnant, then he adopted the child and raised him as his own. The method of conception was immoral (having sex with a prostitute and violating wedding vows) but the child himself is not immoral or bad or evil.

People need to realize that children are gifts from God, not personal rights!

Let us pray for all those with difficulty conceiving that they may choose licit and valid ways to give birth.

Céline Dion pregnant again

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  1. Or how about instead they adopt children, kids who need a home desperately? On your Celine Dion point, she can do whatever she wishes to do (So long as that "whatever" isn't making music). Immoral or not, we have the right to do whatever we want to have a kid. Be it in-vitro fertilization, embryo freezing, etc.

    Also, you didn't answer my point on Mithra on your Horton article.