Friday, August 21, 2009

New York - US Jews Protest Catholic Salvation Text -- VosIzNeias

I'm always a little confused by these types of stories. In this report, it says some Jews are angry because the Bishops' Conference has declared that Christians must share their faith with everyone, including Jews and share with them the Truth about Jesus Christ. Christians have been doing this since the beginning. Jesus was a Jew, and he taught his message and preached to everyone, including Jews. He revealed himself as the Son of God. Obviously if we believe Christ is the Son of God and that he has an important message for the world, we would want to share it.

I don't understand how these groups suddenly think these statements are shocking. It reminds me of when the Pope said condoms aren't the solution to AIDS, and everyone was shocked. Do they not realize the Catholic Church has been teaching this since its beginning (against contraception)? The Catholic Church has also been teaching the conversion of all people since its start. None of this is new.

It always seems like these groups are surprised that the Church is maintaining a constant teaching on various issues.

Check out the article:

New York - US Jews Protest Catholic Salvation Text -- VosIzNeias

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