Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obama marks beginning of Ramadan, but is strangely silent about Lent

At the beginning of Ramadan, a Muslim month of fasting, Obama made a special announcement commemorating its start. His speech was geared toward American Muslims and those outside the country. However, Obama made no similar speech concerning Lent, the Christian season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Why would Obama pay special attention to Islam, while ignoring his own alledged Christianity?

This question becomes even more mind boggling when you consider the fact that a whopping 78.4% of Americans call themselves Christian, while just a very tiny group call themselves Muslim - just 0.6%, not even 1 percent of the population. There are more Buddhists in the US than Muslims.

If Obama had paid any attention to the Christian time of fasting, perhaps this would not be a big deal, but Obama probably didn't even know it existed. Many have questioned whether Obama is really a Christian in the first place. He vehemently says that he is, but where does the evidence point? Between Easter and his inaguration, Obama and his family missed church services for 11 straight weeks. While in Turkey, Obama declared that the United States is not a Christian nation. We all know Obama's record on life issues, valuable to all serious Christians.

Why does Obama go out of his way to mark the beginning of a Muslim month, while ignoring the Christian season from which many believe it is derived. Just as Mohammed took most of his new religion from Christianity and changed it to suit his needs, he also took the practice of Lent and turned it into Ramadan.

Now, in a country where almost four fifths of the population consider themselves Christian, while only 3/5 of 1% consider themselves Muslim, Obama decides to commemorate Muslims and ignore Christians. This would be the equivalent of being the key note speaker at a World War II conference attended by 130 veterans, then during your speech you congratulate the head waiter on his 15th wedding anniversary but completely ignore everyone else in the conference and mention nothing about the veterans or the war.

If Obama really is Christian, I think it's about time he try to prove it!

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