Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tim Hortons needs to show some back bone

Tim Hortons has made the unfortunate decision to back out of their support of traditional marriage. Instead of supporting the essential building block of all societies, Tims has decided to listen to a small but vocal group of gay activists.

Tims was supposed to be sponsoring a family event put off by the National Organization on Marriage in Rhode Island. Because of vocal protests they received from Canada, Tim Hortons decided to back out. This is very sad.

Gay marriage groups will be the first to say everyone should be allowed to live as they please. However, if someone affirms their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, this same group reacts very angrily and tries to squelch free speech and others' opinions. I guess everything is fine and dandy until someone opposes them.

People are made to feel that if they do not support any union of two people and consider it good for society (contrary to the evidence), they ought to be labeled as bigots and religious fanatics. The message is that in order to be considered "normal", one must completely support any form of marriage put forth, including same-sex marriage.

Tim Hortons made a very cowardly decision. Canada was built by hard working families, and that's who they were there to promote. The vocal gay and lesbian community is a new phenomenon, but that doesn't stop them from enforcing a reign of intellectual terror.

At least Tims was originally planning on supporting this event. Too bad they backed down when the bullies came around.

Check out the article below:

Tim Hortons pulls support for rally against same-sex marriage in U.S.


  1. I thought god said "tolerance" and "charity" for all were pretty important...

    you need less christianity and more religion dough-boy

  2. I love how you're making it seem like the whole corporation which owns Tim's is against gay marriage, but it was really just one rouge store which wanted to support it.

    Most normal, non-bigoted people these days support, or at least aren't against gay marriage. Time for you to lose your childish views.

  3. Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude, Justice, Faith, Hope and Charity. Aquinas' seven virtues. You, sir, just pooped on them. What is wrong with same-sex marriage?

  4. Tolerance in itself is not a virtue. We must stand for the truth, and the truth is not tolerant. You must be loving and kind, but not tolerant. God does not tolerate sin.

    I find it interesting that you list the Virtues, and then ask what's wrong with same-sex marriage. Do you agree with Catholic doctrine? If so, you should also disagree with same-sex marriage.

    A marriage is, by definition, the union of a man and a woman. A relationship which is fundamentally non-procreative is irrelevant. A parent deserves to be raised by his mother and father and laws ought to reflect this.

    Marriage has always been recognized as the union of man and woman, in every culture in every time. There's a reason. Children have a natural law right to be conceived and raised by their natural parents. Does this always happen? No, but we recognize other situations as less desirable. By legalizing same-sex marriage, you are forced to normalize an injust situation, which leads to social and spiritual problems.

    For Christians out there, Jesus spoke against homosexual behavior. We must love people with homosexual feelings, but encouraging them to ratify immoral relationships is wrong.

    Aquinas disagreed with homosexual behavior as well because they violate what is naturally good.

  5. Hey Pillsbury. "I guess everything is fine and dandy until someone opposes them." Can also apply to Christian dough boys like you.

  6. I know I gotta lose some weight, now stop making fun of me before I start to cry!

    The point I was making there about opposition is that people who advocate gay-marriage are generally moral relativists. The difference is that the Catholic Church is anything but.

  7. Stop twisting the real story to make it better suit your view point. Bigot.

  8. Let me break it down for you, Pill Lynch Sbury.

    Jesus, as you know him, is nonexistant. If he did exist, he was just a prophet and nothing more. When Constaintine decided to take the cock in the mouth, he knew he had to make Jesus more "appealing" to the pagans. The only way to do that is to make him divine, or the son of God.

  9. I've just read several of your blogs, and I have to say you actually make me sick to my core. In saying this, yes, I am a person of religious faith but the things you post are just pure hatred, bigotry and ignorance thinly veiled so you're able to make yourself feel better about posting it.

    You need to grow up and learn some tolerance for your fellow man. Philip Lynch, if there is a hell you will be going to it once you pass.

    I really hope for your own sake you're able to open your mind.

  10. Yo, I listed the virtues because I learned about them as the cornerstone of Catholic faith in an ethics class, seemed approproate. No, I don't agree with catholic doctrine. I don't compare saving homosexuals with saving the rainforest. I don't agree with Pope Benedict XVI's early comments about Harry Potter being like the gateway-drug of witchcraft. I was Catholic for a litte while, but faith went out the window a fair bit back. I'm agnostic and loving it.

    Definitions can change, such is the way of advancement, and genders aren't as black and white as you see them. There are women with penises, men with vaginas and all sorts of inbetweens. Where are your absolutes there?

    Children being raised by people other than birth parents is the problem you see here? So if Baby Peter was adopted at birth, even by a heterosexual couple, that is more evil in your eyes than what his birth mother did to him? If so, then there is something freaking wrong with you.

    Can you quote me a passage and bible publication (Good News/King James/Whatever) where Jesus actually said "Yea, males shall not marry males and females shall not marry females...because I said so". Don't give me any of that St Paul rubbish either.

    Aquinas also begat the 5 ways as well, each have been disproved as the certainties of proof his writings seem to call them. I just cited him to try and get on the Catholic level of understanding here.

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  12. A donut shop is for gay marrage, a donut shop is against gay marrage. Can't we all just have donuts and get married?

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  15. Pillsbury, my boy. You set your blog up for abuse. Good job!

  16. Nothing mean to say, just need to tell you man, OPEN YOUR MIND. You sound like a fanatic, and fanatics are SCAREY people.

  17. Phil - Wow! You sure opened a can of worms on this one. Might I suggest you moderate your comments? My Dear people, there is no need for vulgarity or anger. Anyone, Christian or not, ought not to behave in such a manner.

    Kellie Ann

  18. I was very pleased that Tim Hortons recognized the error of their ways and decided to pull out of a sponsorship of the event.

    Tim Hortons. Good, solid Canadian values.

  19. Sup Pillsbury? Tim Hortons did the smart thing that day.

  20. "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior" - Adolf Hitler