Friday, August 07, 2009

'Family Guy' and its abortion episode: Should Fox air it? |

Fox made the right decision by not allowing an episode featuring two immoral activities to air. An upcoming episode, which will not air, but may be available on DVD later, handled the issue of Lois becoming a surrogate mother (immoral) and the parents dying in a car crash. She is then left with the decision as to what should be done about the baby she is carrying. Apparently it seems ambiguous in the episode, but then at the end, Peter Griffin makes clear that she had an abortion. This distasteful episode will not be seen on TV anytime soon. Check out the article below (viewer discretion advised):

'Family Guy' and its abortion episode: Should Fox air it?

Update: June 23, 2010

The episode described above was aired in the UK on BBC. Its title was "Partial Terms of Endearment", I guess referring to Partial Birth Abortion. Fortunately, Fox has still not aired the episode, and hopefully they never will.

Here is a picture from the episode:

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  1. Wow I did not know family guy did a episode regarding this issue. I was researching becoming a surrogate mother online and came across your blog.