Thursday, June 24, 2010

7 Apostles who were crucified

Jesus was crucified on the cross, as everyone knows. Many also know that Peter was to be crucified like Jesus but felt unworthy, so was crucified upside down. But what many do not know is that many of the other apostles were also crucified.

1) Peter, crucified upside-down
2) Andrew, crucified on an X-shaped cross
3) Philip, crucified upside-down
4) Jude
5) Simon the Zealot

The following Apostles were crucified but survived and were killed another way:

6) James the Less, was later clubbed to death
7) Bartholomew, was released from crucifixion while Philip was also being crucified. Philip refused to be released. Bartholomew was later flayed.

The other apostles died in other ways:

8) Matthew, unknown
9) Judas, hanged himself
10) Thomas, killed by a spear
11) James the Great, beheaded
12) John was the only one to die naturally

13) Matthias (who replaced Judas), stoned and beheaded


  1. Why is'nt there any mention of Paul? Though not one of the original twelve disciples he too was beheaded in his refusal to renounce Christ. I suppose it is because he is an Apostle?

  2. Thanks for your comment. I understand where you're coming from and perhaps I should have made reference to St. Paul. However, I was mainly focusing on the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus.

  3. Thank you for your response. Shortly after asking the question I realized this may have been the case. Thanks again.

  4. Matthew was killed by the sword in Ethiopia. This isn't "Unknown".
    And Jude wasn't crucified, he was shot full of Arrows.

  5. All believers are crucified with Christ Jesus as all will be reserected with him.

  6. Mark and Luke were missing on that list...