Sunday, June 27, 2010

Belgian police getting rather desperate

In a desperate attempt by Belgian police to destroy the reputation of the Catholic Church even further, they have performed unbelievable raids of Catholic property. Police raided a commission set up by the Church to investigate abuse allegations and seized 500 files. But even more shocking, the police drilled holes in 2 TOMBS of former archbishops. Some priests were held for 9 hours without food or drink on mere suspicion or hunches. I guess come hell or high water, Europe will take a good bite out of the Church, especially in their reputation, or so they hope.

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  1. First of all, we need a reference to all of the claims you've made. Especially:

    - "seized 500 files"
    - "police drilled holes in 2 TOMBS of former archbishops"
    - "Some priests were held for 9 hours without food or drink on mere suspicion or hunches"

    Anyway, it's about time the legal system is cracking down on the Catholic Church! The church as become a safe haven for those who wish to rape children, with the church stuff becoming nothing more than a byproduct.

    The sad thing about all of this is the victims involved. They submitted their cases directly to the church rather than going to the police. The raids which happened where on a committee set up to review these claims, and the files which were taken were the complaints by the victims.

    "The Catholic panel had been in existence for over a decade, but for most of that time, it dealt with only 30 complaints and took no discernible action on them."

    What's the chance that this committee who is unable to deal with 30 complaints over 10 years would ever be able to deal with 500+ complaints? NONE! At least the police will act on these complaints and hopefully throw the scum, whom the complaints have been made against, in jail.

    I really hope this is the beginning of the end of the horrible thing which is the Catholic Chruch.

    Oh, and here's my reference:

    It's really not that difficult.