Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Can't Modern Atheists be This Thankful to the Church?

I was just going through some very old archived newspaper articles (from the 1800s), and found this one from New Zealand. The article reports a tribute by an atheist to the Catholic Church. I think he sets a good example for modern-day atheists.

New Zealand Tablet, Volume XII, Issue 36, 26 December 1884, Page 13

An Atheist's Tribute to the Church
After the dedication of a Catholic hospital in Dayton, Ohio, on the 15th inst., a Dr. Reeve, an infidel and an atheist, delivered an address, in which he said:-

I congratulate the Church, under whose auspices, and by whose efforts, this institution has been founded. It is the Church which claims our attention and consideration in the highest degree in several important respects. In age it surpasses all other human institutions. Beginning back at the time when history and fable mingle together its existence has continued unbroken while change and decay have touched and swept away everything else. Cities have grown up from hamlets, enjoyed long periods of properity, and have dwindled to insignificance during her life-time; the boundaries of kingdoms and empires have swept backward and forward over wide areas, dynasties have arisen and fallen, while throughout the territory in which these changes have taken place, the worship of the altar has been for the same ritual, and by the priests of the same Church. Her domain spreads from Greenland and Labrador to Patagonia, and from east to west around the world. But wide-spread as she is, her efforts do not cease; old as she is, no symptoms of decrepitude have manifested themselves. She is sending out her missionaries, active, devoted, self-sacrificing as ever, in all directions. She is building churches, schools, and hospitals on all sides of us, and it is safe to say that to-day her numbers exceeds those of all other Christian Churches together.

But it is not these greater characteristics of the Catholic Church that concern us here. It is her activity, her untiring energy in regard to institutions for the amelioration of human misery. Wherever the crosses of her churches are seen there are to be found hospitals for the sick and asylums for the orphan. Under her fostering care are found such institutions in every city of our land and wherever civilization extends. This, too, is matter of public note, open to the observation of all. I would rather speak of that less obtrusive, but never-wearying attention to the sick, which does not attract so much the public eye, but whcih every physician observes in the practice of his calling. Wherever there is is disease and suffering in the household, there comes the Sister with good counsel and efficient aid; wherever there is a dying man a priest is at his bedside; when a woman is in peril he comes, whatever the hour of the night, not only to administer the rights of his religion, but to cheer and reanimate the pain-racked patient, to strengthen teh hand of the doctor as he performs some critical operation. It is the unobtrusive, silent, constant, never-tiring, universal service of the Catholic Church that extorts the praise of men of no religion and challenges the admiration of the world.


Wow, that is quite a work of praise, especially coming from an atheist. I doubt the pope could do a better job. Although this man had no religion, he could still objectively see the good work that the Catholic Church does in the world, and continues to do to this day. He praises it above all other institutions. I think he is a good model for modern-day atheists.


  1. You can stop posting atheist related posts.

    The traffic which was generated from your popular atheist related post was due to a community whom I showed your foolish post to. I will no longer be showing any of your posts to this community for a number of reasons.

    - You don't have the respect to post replies to people who've read your posts and commented on them. Even if it's one comment or 40. Clearly, time isn't an issue for you, as you're churning out posts father than ever.

    - It's quite clear that you're just trying to repeat the brief rise in traffic you had from the atheist community by writing more posts which you feel will appeal to atheists. This is a low move, and one which will not work.

    - The quality of your content is, at best, sub-par. I'm not trying to insult you by saying this, but if I going to direct people somewhere, I want it to be somewhere with well written content, as well as strongly made arguments. Not childish name calling.

    So, I just wanted to let you know, you can stop doing atheist related posts and go back to what you normally post.

    1. Atheist admits to engaging in group harassment and then claims to be rational, intelligent and non-insulting in his approach.

      You heard it here, folks! Straight from the horse's ass!



    3. Well, if atheists weren't all a bunch of abusive hatemongers, blog posts like this wouldn't need to be made.

      You people are persuaders of hate; you gang up on people who dare to call you out on your bullshit. And yet, you still get butthurt and wonder why blog posts like this exist?

      Just think about it for a minute. It's not that hard to figure out (unless you're an idiot... ahem, I mean, an atheist)....

    4. When you hate Christians, but act like atheism is not just as stupid as a child's belief in the tooth fairy...

      ... Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Aquinas, Father Lemaitre, and Charles Darwin would hang their heads in shame if they could see the stupidity, hypocrisy, double standards and lies that atheists regularly pull out of their cavernous anuses. Sad.

      Christianity is smart and actually makes sense, hence the aforementioned Christian geniuses mentioned above. Atheists have never accomplished anything great because they're too stupid to understand science and basic logic. When you deny the obvious truth of God's existence, you become a mentally challenged, science denying moron (aka, an atheist).


    5. Atheist sheeple: "Christians are mean! How dare they oppress us with the truth!? *cry like infants* I need to go to my safe space now! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

      Hey atheists! Did you know you're not oppressed? No? Well, now you do. So STFU!

      Why yes, I'm Christian as fuck. I'm not sorry for offending you.


    6. I'll respect atheists when they stop crying like toddlers the moment someone disagrees with the ridiculous theories of atheism.

      Y'all motherfuckers ain't oppressed. Calm down.

  2. I'd respect the Catholic church if they didn't cover up sex abuse. A member of my family was raped by a Catholic clergy member, and all they did was move him to another area, ready to molest more kids.

    Also, the torture and murder of thousands of people who had the audacity to disagree with the church kinda put a damper on things for me. So did the whole thing with the Pope telling Africans that condoms make AIDS worse.

    Yeah, the Catholic church does some awesome things, and helps a lot of people, but this does not undo the horrors they inflict upon the world. It's like a serial killer who also bakes muffins for homeless children. It's great that he is baking muffins for kids, but that doesn't undo the "serial killer" thing.

    1. Horny, angry, and clueless atheists: "Well, a few Catholics did bad things. Therefore all Catholics are bad people. HEY! STOP POINTING OUT THE FACT THAT HITLER WAS AN ATHEIST! NOT ALL ATHEIST ARE LIKE THAT!"

      Oh, you and your "atheist love". So cute! :3

    2. Says the guy who follows the same religion as Stalin and Hitler (ps, that religion is atheism).

      I'll respect atheists when they finally apologize for all the theists that have been (and continue to be) murdered and abused in the name of atheism.

      What is it with you atheists and getting violent and aggressive towards people who are too smart to believe in your silly Darwinism and big bang theory? You people are no better than rednecks who believe in aliens. Atheism is just a hoax created by Bronze Age goat herders. Grow up, get with the times, and face the facts, atheists! God is real. Jesus really existed, and there is historical evidence of His existence. Atheism is scientifically inaccurate, whereas Christianity is completely compatible with science.

      You just got ripped by a "stupid" Christian. How does it feel? :)

    3. You people say you hate/disrespect Catholics because of what a few Catholics have done, yet you want everyone to just ignore all of the horrible things atheists have done and continue to do and just blindly love your sorry atheist asses. Yeah, no. Sorry. You don't get a free pass. Your comment is as shallow and empty as atheism.

    4. Little derpshit atheists: "A small handful of Christians did something bad. Therefore, ALL Christians are bad!"

      Atheist murderer: *kills theists and is rightfully labeled as an "atheist terrorist"*

      Little derpshit atheists: "DON'T GENERALIZE ATHEISTS! WE'RE NOT ALL LIKE THAT! #NotAllAtheists"

      See, I'm not anti-atheism, atheism is anti-me. (Well, I guess I am anti-atheism, because atheism is delusional and I'm anti-delusion, which is why I'm a Christian.)

      I'll respect atheists when they stop abusing and murdering my brothers and sisters in Christ. And I don't see that happening any time soon. Barbarians will be barbarians.

    5. I'll respect atheists when they actually do something useful and good for society for a change. Every time a tragedy occurs, they just go to their social media pages and say the same things over and over again: "Where's your God now?!" "If God was real, this wouldn't have happened." "Religion is the cause of all wars and all violence." "Stop praying, you retards! That won't help!"

      What is all that hate mongering worth? Fucking nothing. Fucking LESS than nothing.

      They don't give their time and money to help, like Christians do. Instead, atheists just waste their time harassing theists and victims of the tragedy online. It's just their little way of saying, "Hey, don't forget about me today!" Atheists are so self-centered and disgusting that it literally makes me feel sick. The world doesn't revolve around you and your silly, childish, delusional beliefs, atheists! WAKE UP!

    6. @A Strange, Terrible Group of Horses,
      your atheism teaches that nothing is objectively wrong, which means that sexual abuse is a-ok. Why are you so bothered by a small handful of Catholic priests fondling kids but are perfectly fine with atheists (such as Lawrence Krauss and the scummy piece of filth who founded the hate group known as American Atheists) foldling underage girls while the rest of the atheist community covers it up for fear of bad publicity? Oh, that's right! Because it's perfectly ok for you and other atheists to hurt others, but if a Catholic/Christian does anything bad, shame on them!

      It must be nice to be an atheist and be able to get away with any horrible crime imaginable because "herp derp! its fine wen WEE doo it!"


  3. Because they're proud, arrogant piles of garbage who know they're wrong about God, the Bible, Christians, the Church, and Christianity in general, but are reluctant to admit it because it would make them look bad.

    I'd respect atheists if they would act like decent human beings. They should take notes from Christians. Christians are nicer, smarter, more altruistic, more loving, more respectful, more tolerant, more forgiving, more accepting, more selfless, more giving, and more kind than atheists.

  4. Aw, feel the atheist love? Doesn't it just warm your heart?

    Atheists truly are so loving and tolerant of others. We should all aspire to be like them. :)

    Okay, I'm done being sarcastic now. Atheists suck.

  5. atheists are disgusting, repulsive, repugnant, subhuman pieces of shit.

    If you're an atheist, don't talk to me. Stay the hell away from me. You're scum, and I can't stand you. *^_^

  6. Atheists: "We shouldn't be nice to theists, but they have to be nice to us because we're an oh-so oppressed minority!"

    If atheists are so oppressed, then how come they can scream their hatred of Christians and Jews at the top of their lungs 24/7 without being questioned, but when I say I hate atheists, I have to explain myself? Why is it that atheists can display hateful anti-Christian Christmas billboards every year without getting in any sort of legal trouble, but Christians get sued for displaying crosses and Nativity scenes? Why can atheists kill Muslims simply because they're Muslims while the media blames the murders on a non-existent "parking dispute" and on "mental illness", but when something terrible happens to the LGBT community, every Christian on the planet is blamed for it, whether a Christian had anything to do with it or not?

    Atheists may (rightfully) be a minority, but they are DEFINITELY not oppressed. In fact, they're the oppressors.

    1. Atheists are living proof that tyranny of the minority is a very real thing.

  7. Well, there are a number of reasons why...

    1. Atheism = SHIIIT
    2. Atheists are whiny, overly sensitive cowards who can't handle jokes, criticism, or disagreements.
    3. Stupid atheists are too arrogant to see other people as equals. They think they are the greatest things in the universe, and all non-atheists are worthless scum.
    4. Atheists are idiots, end of story.

  8. Atheists are cunts.

  9. Christians: Respect the beliefs of others and turn the other cheek when they're persecuted for their own beliefs.

    Atheists: Condemn anyone who disagrees with the atheistic definition of "science" and go out of their way to make theists' lives a living hell.

  10. There is no war on atheism. Stop whining, skeptards!

  11. The Catholic Church doesn't have a perfect history, but at least it has done a lot of good... unlike atheism. :)

    Maybe if atheists would take a break from abusing and objectifying women, shooting up little kids in elementary schools, suing people over a cross, getting butthurt about the God's Not Dead movies, killing Muslim families, sending Christian celebrities death threats, painting swastikas on Jewish people's fences, shooting up churches (especially black churches), and emotionally abusing everyone who isn't an atheist... maybe they could at least attempt to be of use to society.

    1. I literally started cheering and applauding when I read this comment! Fuck atheists! :D

  12. Why I hate atheists/atheism part 1/∞:
    Atheists demand all of the respect in the world while treating normal people (theists) like crap.

    Can we just make atheism a federal crime already? We would be much better off without the abhorrent, useless, immoral pieces of subhuman filth known as atheists.

  13. *Cheers this blogpost on like mad man*
    Hate atheists? I don't blame you... You know what they're worth? Fucking nothing. LESS than nothing. They have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The world would be a better place without them. I fucking hate them. Fuck all of them.

  14. Atheists are behind by a century. Lol! Atheism is a very old-fashioned belief system, and in order to progress as a society, we must mock and question atheism as much as possible.

  15. This is another example of how backwards and dumb atheism is and how logic and reason triumph over atheism all the time, everyday.

    "Welcome to atheism! Sure, we're responsible for the most genocides, rapes, racism, sexism, murders, suicides, pedophilia, bullying, harassment, child abuse, indoctrination, pseudo-science, pseudo-history, wars, and human rights violations in the past century, but we're still better than everyone else because we say so! Forget about all those stupid theists and agnostics who have given us science and civilized society! Forget about Dylan Roof, Craig Steven Hicks, the Columbine Massacre, the frequent church/mosque/temple burnings, the Holocaust, Holodomor, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, North Korea, China, Christopher Harper-Mercer, the shooting of Christina Grimmie, Elliot Rodger, and countless other atheist murderers and atrocities! Morality is a fairytale, so we can do whatever we want! Who cares if you hurt someone else as long as you benefit from it? I deserve to get my way all the time even at the expense of everyone around me because MUH ATHEISM! Isn't it just wonderful?!"

    Honestly, can we just make atheism illegal already? Please? Heck, I'm perfectly okay with atheist concentration camps. Anything to shut those scumbags up and stop them from abusing every man, woman, and child who makes the mistake of believing that civilized human beings can coexist with atheists.

    1. Ok, that concentration camp thing was harsh. I'm not a fan of atheists, but even they don't deserve that. However, I do still firmly believe that atheism is an abominable human rights violation.

  16. Welcome to atheism! You won't be needing that pesky brain anymore! All you have to do to join atheism is get a lobotomy, only read atheist books (specifically ones written by pseudoscientific frauds like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris), hate all theists with a burning passion, lack morals and a conscience, be incredibly bigoted and hypocritical, have an IQ of 75, despise God and every other god even though you think they don't exist, throw temper tantrums on the internet, shoot up churches and schools, threaten/verbally abuse/physically attack anyone who dares to criticize atheism or who dares to simply be a theist, have no understanding of logic or reason whatsoever, do whatever terrible things you feel like doing doing without feeling guilty as long as you get away with it, be a pedophile/pedophilia supporter, be sexist and racist, abuse and indoctrinate your children, mock homosexuals and transgenders, jerk off to the thought of your self-proclaimed "superior intellect", be a narcissist and a sociopath, lie constantly, make every tiny microscopic little thing all about yourself and your silly atheistic beliefs, sue people who have the audacity to openly disagree with you, congratulate yourself at least once every five minutes, believe in bullshit like the big bang magical skyfart theory and Pokemon evolution, brag about how atheists are "better" than theists every chance you get, cry whenever someone identifies as agnostic rather than atheist, lack any knowledge of science and history, say horrible dishonest things about theists and religion, mock theists when they're struggling or suffering, love Hitler, and just blindly believe whatever an atheist tells you to believe! YAY! Isn't atheism great?! :D





    Atheism is the worst thing that has ever happened to the human race. For real.

    1. So true!!!

      The number one rule of atheism is that you must hate everyone in the world... except for other atheists and yourself.

      If a self-proclaimed "atheists" doesn't hate everyone except for himself and other atheists, then he is not an atheist; he us agnostic. A "loving atheist" is an oxymoron. In order to be an atheist, you have to be filled with blind rage and hatred.

      It's in their creed.

    2. *he is agnostic.

  17. This is why I have come to hate atheism with a purple hot intensity. Becoming an ex-atheist was the best decision I have ever made.

  18. Atheism will die out. More and more people are leaving atheism every single day because they're beginning to see atheism for what it truly is: the religion of hate.

  19. This is just one of the many, innumerable reasons why atheism is outdated in the 21st century.

    Atheism has a 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% chance of being wrong (at the very least), and it's such a hateful ideology that teaches innocent children in public schools to hate theists (especially Christians). Imposing atheism on the vulnerable minds of innocent children is a grievous wrong. If you don't teach children about atheism, you teach them science, history, altruism, love, tolerance, peace, and morality.

  20. This is the end of atheism. Finally!

    Words can't even begin to describe the immense joy I feel when I see all the anti-atheist sentiment on the internet! Theism is on the rise once again, and I am so happy to announce that atheism is dying! That's truly something to be glad about! :D

    We Christians need to keep speaking out against atheism so that people will finally come to their senses and realize that God is real.

  21. How to win a debate/argument with an atheist:

    1. Use science.
    2. Use logic.
    3. Use reason.
    4. Use facts.
    5. Use evidence.
    6. Quote the Bible.

    How to win a debate/argument with a Christian:

    1. You can't. Christianity is the objective truth, and only an idiot would be an atheist in the 21st century, given all the scientific and historical evidence that supports Christianity. Sorry.

  22. Atheism is 100% bullshit. Pass it on.

  23. Atheism is bullshit and criticizing atheism for being racist/sexist/anti-Semitic/homophobic/Islamophobic/Christophobic/etc. is a very good thing. But atheists just won't hear it; if you shatter their delusional illusion that they're not perfect or if you hurt their poor little atheist feelings by criticizing their belief in silly magical fairytales like the "enlightenment" or the big bang or macroevolution, they will hurt you in every way they possibly can and will go out of their way to completely ruin your life. They just won't have it. They're so entitled and so spoiled from years of being coddled and having their egos stroked by society and the media that even daring to be a theist, a deist, or an agnostic is enough to trigger and offend them. They need to grow up, stop believing in man-made fairytales like atheism, and get over themselves.

  24. Theism: Acknowledging science, history, logic, facts, and evidence and being smart enough to know that there is a God.

    Atheism: Literally believing in magic.


  25. We gee, if atheists would stop beating, raping, and silencing women; killing Christian and Muslim families for daring to exist; eating human flesh; endorsing pedophilia; being racist and sexist; calling for the death of Jews; abusing their theistic relatives and friends; shoving their collective mental illness (atheism) down everyone's throat; demonizing autistic kids; using anti-gay slurs; throwing tantrums every time someone says "God"; suing people for putting up crosses, Bible verses, Nativity scenes, or the Star of David; shooting and killing theists in schools, churches, and even their own homes; going out of their way to hurt anyone who disagrees with them; taking the Bible out of context to fit their bigoted, hateful, anti-theist agenda; congratulating themselves while invalidating everyone else; and normalizing anti-Christian and anti-Semitic hate speech; maybe people would like them better.