Monday, June 28, 2010

Top 9 Atheist Sayings that Suck

There are many tried and true sayings out there, but for atheists, they turn into terrible expressions. Here are the worst ones:

9. When shocked by something:
Oh my Science!

8. When determined to do something:
Come imaginary territory of suffering or high water!

7. When feeling patriotic:
Nothing bless America!

6. When in a very unpleasant area:
Get me out of this Evolution-forsaken place!

5. When exasperated:
For outer-space beyond our atmosphere's sake!

4. When enjoying chocolate cake:
This cake is simply "imaginary place where an imaginary being lives"-ly

3. At a wedding:
What an imaginary being has joined, let no man put asunder!

2. In court:
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you Science?

1. When you sneeze:
Evolution bless you!


  1. ConcernedCitizen7:06 pm, June 28, 2010

    I think you're trying too hard.

  2. Boy, it takes a real leap of faith to believe anyone would actually say these silly things. Get it? Leap of... ahh, you don't care.

  3. I find it rather funny how people who have a religion get so defensive when someone says something about it.. that they don't like.

    Not that anyone cares, considering that this form is from like .. years ago, haha .. But There is no ''God'' There's no religion, this is coming for a 15 year old.. Who has finally throwing the bible out the window.. If God loved us, he would of been here by now, if God really was ''here for us'' than he would actually be here for us..

    Just sayin'

    These sites piss me off.. You guys are brainwashed. Wasting your lifes only to die.. there wont be no God. There wont be a place where all the ''good'' people go.. Your going to be DEAD.. FOR ETERNITY..Nothing!

    ^_^ woooo

  4. Here's a better Athiest Saying: "The Christian Bible is a violent, ignorant piece of shit, written by stupid idiots about an imaginary being in the sky(the dome over the earth), who is selfish, vain,and wickedly cruel and repeatedly murders thousands upon thousands of people, including innocent children and orders beating of slaves and murder of those who do not believe in him or follow his archaic rules. It is not worthy of fueling the fire in my woodstove or even wiping my ass."

  5. Here's a batter saying:
    "The God Delusion is a violent fairytale for retarded people (atheists) that endorses rape, pedophilia, misogyny, murder, demonization of all theists, hatred towards everyone who isn't an atheist, and belief in silly theories like the big bang and macro-evolution. The book is so hysterically bad, a two-year-old could have written it. It's the most useless and false book ever written, and it's not worthy of fueling fire in my wood stove or wiping my ass."

    Hey, it's obvious that atheists are always compensating whenever they open their ugly, worthless mouths, so they might as well be saying this!