Thursday, November 10, 2016

Euthanasia in Canada Already OUT OF CONTROL!

Euthanasia has recently become legal in Canada after the Supreme Court invented the right to have a doctor kill you. Of course as with any place that legalizes euthanasia eventually it gets much much worse and never gets better. If you look into other countries that have legalized euthanasia such as the Netherlands and Belgium they are in the process of executing young people, old people, people with mental disabilities or issues, people with things that we would normally try to help them with. But now instead we are just murdering them like animals.

To be more specific, after they legalized the killing of people in Canada many many more people took advantage of it than they had originally predicted. In Quebec for instance they assumed that within the first few months there would be approximately 100 people who would take advantage of this. People who are in extreme pain and see no other way out of it than by having a doctor kill them. However that number is already more than triple. That's right more than three times the number they had originally estimated are now asking to be killed and what we see from other countries is that this number goes up and up and never down.

Once we start living in a completely nihilist society that does not recognize the value of human life and does not strive to save it eventually people are pressured strongly to commit suicide. The families of older patients tell the patient maybe it would be easier on you if we had a doctor help you escape the pain or whatever other euphemism they feel like using. The older person out of a sense of obligation and duty will often ask to be killed to alleviate the burden on their family. This family has already fully and completely abandoned their own parent in violation of the fourth Commandment which says to honor thy mother and thy father. They are in fact doing the exact opposite.

One of the reasons why euthanasia is so popular amongst the elite of our country - those who believe they're better than everybody - else is because it's a cost-saving measure on our Healthcare System. A few years back a Japanese minister said that health care for older people was too expensive and that they should do the Patriotic thing and commit suicide. A similar sentiment is being expressed across Canada especially with this new law which can predictably see hundreds and thousands of people slaughtered at the hands of the doctors who took an oath to protect their lives.

Even more shocking and absolutely outrageous is how this law came to be. The reasoning is so insane, so crazy, so absolutely unbelievable that I suggest you look into it yourself because you probably won't believe me. But in fact the right to commit suicide by doctor came about because the court somehow decided that this would protect the right to life. How on Earth is this fathomable? Their are crazy and mixed up reasoning states that if doctor assisted suicide becomes available but at a later date or if the person has to wait to have a doctor kill them this could prevent people from taking their own lives sooner thus protecting their right to life.

As Mark Twain once famously put it, this is a concept so completely insane it would take a university Professor to accept it. To simplify this reasoning into layman's terms what they're saying is we will protect the right to life of suicidal people by making them wait a tiny bit longer for a doctor to kill them. Of course they say this without any information or knowledge whatsoever. More likely and more obviously what this will do is actually encourage people to commit suicide for a number of obvious reasons. For one thing by legalizing it and putting it in hospitals it legitimizes it. It makes people believe this is not only a legitimate option but for many it is a duty. Also it makes committing suicide far far easier. It makes it far less likely that the person will reconsider their course of action.
The culture of death absolutely loves this law. The more people they can kill the happier they are. And similar to abortion, these people who advocated for euthanasia will not tolerate any form of waiting. When it comes to performing this action. They will demand that anybody contemplating suicide be killed as soon as possible. In fact we have heard statements from the likes of Bill Gates and others asking the question of whether we should continue Medical Care and treatment for elderly people or if on the other hand we should simply let them die or be killed because according to Bill Gates it is better to kill off an old person and use the money we save for medical expenses to pay for teachers than to let them live. I'm sure Satan absolutely loves these forms of comments.

And finally as a final coup de grace for this entire travesty and complete contempt for human life and worship of nihilism and Satanism the law states that every single Hospital in the entire country is 100% obliged to perform these murders. Any hospital that does not conform to the demands of Beelzebub and haters of life will be shut down without a second thought. What are Catholic Hospitals often named after the most courageous and holy saints our world has ever seen do when they are forced against their will to murder the most helpless and innocent people among us? We can fight, we can denounce But ultimately just like in the time of the Caesars and the Roman emperors who are throwing Christians to the Lions we too may have to face martyrdom in this fight for what is good and righteous as the world is engulfed more and more into Hellfire.

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