Saturday, November 19, 2016

Prayers for Sufferers of Infectious Disease

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini was an Italian American religious sister who founded the missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. She was the first naturalized citizen naturalized citizen. She is the patron saint of immigrants, Hospital administrators.

St. Cabrini is known for having opened Columbus extension Hospital comma later renamed st. Cabrini Hospital in the heart of the city's Italian neighborhood. She found it 67 institutions during her lifetime.

She is the patron saint of infectious diseases. The primary reason is that she herself died from an infectious disease known as dysentery at the age of 67 in Illinois in 1917. She was an extraordinarily holy person.

Prayer to St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
Almighty and Eternal Father,
Giver of all Gifts,
show us Thy mercy,
and grant, we beseech Thee,
through the merits of Thy faithful Servant,
Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini,
that all who invoke her intercession
may obtain what they desire
according to the good pleasure of Thy Holy Will.
(here name your request)
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini,
beloved spouse of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
intercede for us
that the favor we now ask may be granted.

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