Monday, November 07, 2016

What School Boards in Canada are Doing is Unconscionable and Immoral

Here's what people don't really get: education is primarily the role of parents. Well, in fact, care of children is primarily the responsibility of parents. Sounds obvious, but we are quickly forgetting this. We're starting to think, and many people strongly believe this already, that the state is primarily responsible for kids, and parents are given a sort of lease on their own children under the assumption they take good care of them. This right can be revoked any time the state feels like it.

I'm not just talking about taking kids away from abusive parents. Like most laws, especially in Canada, those are being extremely broadly interpreted to fit the needs of our extremist rulers. So, abuse can be defined as not just physical assault, but also not subjecting them to the demands of the state such as gender brainwashing. That's right, they consider that another form of abuse?

What am I talking about? I'm talking about recent rulings which says that while the schools forgo any form of math and science, students are absolutely required to attend classes about the 251 genders that exist so they can choose their own. They must attend drag queen classes given by old men, and sex classes given by sex workers. Some of these children are very young. To call this absolutely disgusting and wrong would be a massive understatement.

But like all good totalitarian regimes, the people behind this will not give one inch, will not stop until it is absolutely against the law to not bring children to these brainwashing classes. It will become an absolute requirement. So, as a reader, unless you are already aware of this, you probably want proof. Well, here you go:

That should be enough to give you a taste. As with all "progressive" or more properly defined "regressive" strategies, these tools are being implemented with stealth. Inch by inch, children are being brainwashed until all sense of a traditional family and sexuality's place within them will be eradicated. Their "reassurances" fall on deaf ears. We must oppose them as strongly as they are trying to implement this. We must remain ever vigilant, ever ready for moral combat.

It is not the responsibility of some bureaucrats in ivory towers of Babel to dictate to parents what to do with their kids. What happens if someone they consider a slave (i.e. parent) disobeys? Do they get punished? Remember, this is just a form of violence. Plain and simple. So stand up and fight it. A lot of the people in this fight against school perversion are Muslim, so congrats to them for that. Let's stand also, stand strong, stand against the insidious forces of evil. Do not accept their reassurances. Stand for what's right.

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