Tuesday, November 01, 2016

You Won't Believe What Alberta Wants to Force on Kids Now...

In a shocking move that plummets Alberta deeper and deeper into the mire of sexual immorality and perversion, the province is now considering forcing all children to be subjected to gender confusion brainwashing. In a dystopia George Orwell couldn't dream of, no one is safe from this from this insidiousness. Administrators and government officials in Alberta and elsewhere in Canada won't be happy until not only the family, but all sexuality and gender is either completely perverted or destroyed.

To be more specific, starting at age 12, children will be forced to sit through hours of gender brainwashing, being asked to reconsider their gender and to experiment with various genders and sexual identities. Many more conservative readers are not aware that many gender extremists have identified dozens of genders, a list which is expanding more and more each day.

Recently I read a story about a 4 year old being dragged through the courts for his mother's right to call him a girl and dress him as such. This kid is FOUR. I feel bad for this poor child who, if he stays with his divorced mother, will doubtlessly end up with massive psychological issues and confusion.

Back to the story. By the way, it keeps getting worse. As part of the initiative to have every child reconsider his or her gender and give them options for several dozen genders (kind of like choosing your favorite flavour of ice cream), these extremists are now suggesting having a drag queen visit classrooms to show the young students how they dress and do their makeup. That's right, the school will invite older men who dress up like women in the most outrageous and gaudy clothes and makeup to "teach" kids what it's all about to be a transvestite.

Oh, but to top it all off and really make Joseph Stalin proud, there is no option for a parent to remove his or her child from this class. That's right, another basic human freedom under assault in Canada. By that I mean the freedom of parents to educate their children. These authoritarian control freak perverts will not rest until they create massive confusion and gender confusion among the entire student body and realize their goal of eradicating families and sexuality.

That was always the goal of public education - easy manipulation of the populace. The lunatics have completely taken control of the asylum, and now they are forcing kids to be subjected to their insanity. We must outright refuse. Forget voting, that does nothing. We must create a revolution and stand up to these disgusting perverts.

If you don't believe me, or for more information, read this CBC article. CBC, by the way, will never report the truth. Instead, they cater to the most extreme leftist, feminist extremists around, so you can be sure if they are reporting this, it's accurate and probably significantly sugar-coated. BTW, CBC must be de-funded also ASAP.

Link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/should-drag-shows-be-used-as-a-teaching-tool-in-alberta-schools-1.3830417

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