Saturday, November 05, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Connection to Satanism is Absolutely Shocking... [VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED]


Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman has been caught being involved with the most Satanic rituals imaginable. In an email leak from John Podesta, we can see him being invited to what's called a "Spirit Cooking dinner" at the home of Marina Abramovic.

There are videos of Marina Abramovic performing rituals for such dinners. I can barely even describe it in my blog here because it is simply too gruesome and disgusting. My readers are good people, and I think this would be very disturbing for many.

The actions described in one of Marina Abramovic dinners is so horrendous and revolting that warn you against ever watching videos of it. Let's just say that it involves various forms of blood and other human excretion. I could not even finish watching this video because it was absolutely way too disturbing. For anybody out there who does not think that Hillary Clinton is involved in it absolutely vile, disgusting, disturbing activities they really have to do a little bit more research.

We also had revelations not too long ago about Hillary Clinton and John Podesta absolute hatred towards Christians and specifically Catholics. They endlessly mocked them and made fun of them. Are we supposed to vote for these people that revile Christians to such a degree? Not that I can vote for her anyway since I'm Canadian. But this is an important question for Americans out there.

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