Friday, November 18, 2016

Scariest Part of a Catholic Mass

Many people are absolutely terrified and petrified of the thought and possibility of going to a Catholic mass. This unfortunately includes many Catholics themselves and many of whom were actually raised in the Catholic faith from a very young age. Somewhere along the way they abandon their faith and chose other things to do in life. Some chose other Christian denominations some chose other forms of spirituality and still others chose not to believe in God at all and become a full-time atheist.
So after 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or even 50 years away from going to mass a person may be very concerned and afraid of what awaits them there. They fear that they will be harshly and severely judged by a whole big pile of potential hypocrites. But this does not represent even a tiny portion of the greatest fear people have about going back to Mass. In actual fact the thing people fear most about going to Catholic mass is taking that first step. It's the thought of changing their life for the better. That may sound crazy but anything we do in life the hardest part is always the first step. Deep down people know that mass is a place where everybody is accepted and loved, a place to worship God.
My strong and sincere request and urge is for people of all ages, all races, all ethnicities, all ways of Life all religions to take a little bit of time to go to mass to see what it's all about. You may not be swept up in joyous ecstasy the first time you go but after some time and after some study you will become closer and closer to God.
As is often said if you do not believe act as though you do believe and eventually you will become among the greatest of believers.

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