Thursday, November 17, 2016

This form of birth control is never allowed by Catholics!!

As most people are now well aware artificial birth control is completely and utterly prohibited by the Catholic church under all circumstances. Obviously some people don't like this rule because they want to have sex without the possibility of getting pregnant. And of course some people get pregnant and because they don't want to be pregnant they go out and have an abortion. But that's not the topic of discussion right now we will focus on birth control.
So all forms of birth control are strictly prohibited by the Catholic church but there is one in particular that I wanted to talk about today and that is IUDS otherwise known as intrauterine devices. These are basically metal wires that are attached inside a woman's uterus to prevent her from being able to conceive. Obviously if you want to get into more nitty-gritty details please feel free to do a Google search viewer discretion is strongly advised.
So for some reason many people especially many Catholic women believe that are you these are perfectly fine. I'm not really sure where they get this information but they've become extremely popular and as we know most Catholic women don't even bother to care about birth control and whether or not they should use it. These people are operating outside the constraints of the Catholic church and are in violation of her laws. Their first course of action right after having their IUD removed permanently is to find the nearest possible confessional going there confess their sin and come out renewed.
The problem with birth control is many. For one thing you are purposely preventing a Perfectly Natural and healthy bodily function from occurring. You are purposely distorting and thwarting a natural body function. We don't do this in any other context. Some people will say oh but look we do all kinds of unnatural things with our bodies and nobody seems to care. Look we use glasses don't we will use prescription drugs don't we? What on Earth is the difference? Are you saying that you go around only doing things which are 100% natural? Haha caught you you hypocrite!
Not so fast. All the examples that are provided are examples of things which ultimately improve you. They bring you closer to your intended and design self. If you have an injury you take care of it, if you have an illness you receive treatment. But the goal is always to bring us closer to what we really should be. Furthermore it is within our nature to be fertile and reproductive being infertile and being non reproductive are contrary to our nature. Therefore doing anything which renders us contrary to our nature is inherently and always immoral.
So therefore whether you are talking about IUDs or condoms or any other form of birth control if you want to be Catholic you should cease and desist using these things as soon as possible.

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  1. Interesting thoughts to have stumbled upon, that birth control is completely immoral for a practicing Catholic. However, I don't think it's as black or white as that.
    How about in cases where a woman is on certain medications that would prevent healthy pregnancies (for the baby and/or mother), yet they are married? Should they never be intimate with their spouse? Or risk their (or future child's) health? I think of course the answer should be "no."
    It's not exactly a common case, of course, but some women, after having certain cancers or hormonal conditions are put on birth control pills for optimal health and well-being. Sometimes this is just for a short time, but for others, it's for years.
    Where would the Catholic church stand on this, in your opinion?