Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Anniversary of Pope Pius XII's Papacy and Birthday

March 2 marks the date when Pope Pius XII was elected as Bishop of Rome in 1939, and also the day he was born in 1876.

There has been much controversy over this pope for his alleged involvement in supporting Hitler. However, this has been thoroughly debunked. Check out my lengthier article here for further information.

The same old canards have re-emerged since Pope Benedict assigned him the status of Venerable, a step before Beatification and finally Canonization in the process of being declared a Saint.

Pope Pius XII reigned over the Church for almost 20 years until his death on October 9, 1958, at the age of 82.

Another article that is well worth reading is by a Jewish author who grew up hating the name Pius XII but later came to realize he may have been wrong. It can be found here.

Photos of Pope Pius XII:

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