Friday, March 18, 2011

Canadian Movie Engenders Anti-Catholicism

A Canadian film (along with help from Hungary) is jumping on the familiar bandwagon of spreading anti-Catholicism through media. This time, CTV, Showtime, and other television networks are producing a television mini-series called "The Borgias", starring Jeremy Irons. The film focuses on Pope Alexander VI.

Of course, Alexander VI is generally considered the most immoral pope ever to take the office. Why is it that we have 265 popes to choose from, and you won't hear about any of them except someone like Alexander VI?

So steeped in controversy was Alexander that upon his election to the papacy, the future Pope Leo X, remarked:

Now we are in the power of a wolf, the most rapacious perhaps that this world has ever seen. And if we do not flee, he will inevitably devour us all.

Pope Alexander VI fathered many children, and arranged marriages for them. He also held orgies. He stole money from many people and was complicit in certain murders. Let's just say he wasn't a very good person.

It's also important to note that of the 265 popes we've had so far, only about 10 could be considered deficient in personal holiness. Why then does Hollywood spend millions of dollars portraying just this one bad apple?

Has the Church not suffered enough from generalizations and bad publicity? Why drag the Church through even more mud? It's hard to tell sometimes that there isn't a concerted effort to attack the Church.

This will only serve to give people more ammunition with which to attack the Church. Why resurrect such bad examples?

Can anyone truly imagine Hollywood, or the Canadian film industry doing something similar to another religion? How about a biopic of a greedy, blood-thirsty rabbi? Or maybe an unglamorous portrayal of one of the founders of Islam committing terrible and immoral acts? If someone did, they would probably be charged with a hate crime.

Trust me, you'll never see such films. Why is the Catholic Church society's whipping boy? Another Canadian miniseries was Pillars of the Earth about the building of a cathedral. The bishop was portrayed as a power-hungry opportunist willing to use any means to achieve his goal. Then we have Doubt, the beating-a-dead-horse movie about a priest who sexually abuses boys.

That's not to mention Angels and Demons or the Da Vinci Code. The list just goes on and on.

In fact, can anyone tell me the last time they saw a Catholic priest or member of the hierarchy portrayed in a positive way? In the rare event that an ordained minister is not shown to be absolutely corrupt, he is usually an outsider fighting the corrupt "higher-ups".

This is an all-out assault.

I have no evidence for this, but my suspicion is that the Government of Canada also has a hand in this. That's very typical for Canadian-made movies. I don't want my tax dollars paying for this!

I bet if you asked even Catholics about popes throughout history, most would say something like "well, there were MANY bad popes that did a lot of evil things!". It's almost taken as common knowledge. But like I said earlier, only about 10 popes could be considered personally unholy out of 265. It's important to note that Catholics do not consider popes to be impeccable, meaning unable to sin because of their office.

Note to movie producers: There is already enough anti-Catholicism in Canada. You don't need to promote it!


  1. Also, this series stars Jeremy Irons who seems to search out roles in which he can criticize the Catholic Church. Kingdom of Heaven, Casanova, The Borgias--very irritating, and makes me DISLIKE INTENSELY any movie/show in which he's an actor.

  2. Did you watch Doubt? The priest was FALSELY accused of having sex with boys. It was the point of the movie.

  3. Well, yes that was the point UP TO a point. Near the end of the movie, it was strongly implied that something actually DID happen. The point was the nun was seen as kind of a villain, she was too serious, while the priest was more relaxed and everyone liked it. We started to think the nun just had it out for the priest and would stop at nothing less than destroying him. But then there is a twist and she is sort of vindicated as it is strongly implied that the priest did something terribly immoral.

  4. The Mission with Jeremy Irons is one of the most pro-Catholic inspiring movies of all time.