Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New bishops for Grand Falls and Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Interestingly, this morning my article concerning my bishop's connection to the late Holy Father was published, and now the same day is news that there will be a new bishop for the Grand Falls diocese. This is a welcome relief for Archbishop Martin Currie who has been serving both St. John's and Grand Falls himself for some time now. This has required extensive travel on his part, and thus divided his time a lot. Now the archbishop is free to focus on the St. John's Archdiocese exclusively.

The new bishop for Grand Falls will be Rev. Robert Anthony Daniels. A new bishop will also be appointed for Corner Brook: Rev. Peter Joseph Hundt, who is currently serving in Toronto.

Papal nuncio for Canada, Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana, will preside over the installation ceremony.

Archbishop Martin Currie

Bishop Robert Anthony Daniels

Bishop Peter Joseph Hundt
Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana


  1. Wow! This is Great Information. Both Grand Falls-Windsor and Corner Brook will be well representative. Thank you letting us know.