Monday, March 14, 2011

"Leftover" embryos

In another disturbing story from Canada, clinics don't know what to do with frozen embryos that the parents don't want. Keep in mind, these are children. Frozen children. Which the parents have left and abandoned. They are hoping someone else will come and take them and have them implanted in another woman's uterus to allow them to grow. Good luck. Imagine how the child who was conceived will feel if they find out their sibling was left to either die, be used in research, or implanted in another woman they'll never meet. We must get out of this Frankensteinian industry immediately. This is not God's will!

Should couples who've had success with IVF donate 'leftover' embryos? - The Globe and Mail


  1. Why not round up all of the good catholic women you know and force them to be carriers for these unwanted "children" then parade them around mass on Sunday to the faithful as proof of how important fertilized eggs really are.

    If the resulting children happen to be male....keep them away from the good father, please.

    He tends to prey upon the most vulnerable boys, which these will surely be.

  2. Someone can be morally opposed to something without necessarily "cleaning" the fallout that comes from these immoral choices. For example, I can oppose slavery, without agreeing to personally care for and educate all the freed slaves.