Sunday, March 06, 2011

Governor Cuomo and the Church

Catholics back Cuomo in church tiff despite his 'living in sin' with girlfriend Sandra Lee

That's the headline from New York Daily News. It's no surprise. Take any issue of the day, and even though it violates Catholic teaching, you'll find many Catholics agreeing with it. Whether it's contraception, abortion, in-vitro fertilization, gay marriage, pre-marital sex, etc, you'll find those who continue to say they are Catholic and probably even going to Mass on Sunday, agreeing with these things.

If Cuomo is living with his girlfriend and not married, then he is committing a sin according to the Church. He is choosing to be a follower of the Church and go to Mass. The bishop is withholding communion while Cuomo is in this situation, and once it has been regularlized, I'm sure the bishop will re-permit the governor to take communion. When a person is a member of a church, or any organization, they agree to follow the rules of the church.

The Church is not forbidding Cuomo from entering a church in general or from receiving communion. It is simply saying Cuomo should refrain from communion while he is in public sin.

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