Monday, March 07, 2011

Canadian Pro-Abortion Priest suing Life Site News

This is a story I wouldn't believe until I saw. A Canadian Catholic priest is now suing Life Site News for $500,000 for "defamation" and punitive damages. That is actually an entire year's revenue for the tiny paper.

The priest, Father Raymond Gravel, is in hot water with the Vatican after they found out about his positions on important issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

Ironically nothing that LifeSite has said about Fr. Gravel is incorrect. According to Canadian law, an organization or person can be sued for defamation if they present false information as truth concerning a person. In this case, that has not happened.

Fr. Gravel not only supports the legalization and access to abortion, he has voted to honor Dr. Mortgentaler, the infamous Canadian abortionist who was responsible for making abortion so commonplace in Canada. He is the antithesis of the pro-life movement. Yet, Fr. Gravel, a Catholic priest supports him.

Fortunately the priest is not using diocesan money for his stupid lawsuit and is footing the bill himself. This renegade priest claims he has a lot of support. Well, that's no surprise. Lots of people support immorality.

I hope this case is dismissed as without merit and then LifeSite countersues Fr. Gravel for defaming ITS character by saying it does not represent true journalism. It would be great to see this priest paying LifeSiteNews for his derogatory and unjust comments.

Having said that, I don't have much confidence in the Canadian legal system. Seems like it has no footing in true morality or goodness, but is rather a mouthpiece for the most extreme depravity. Let's pray it's not the same here.

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