Thursday, March 10, 2011

UK Court: Christian Households UNFIT for Children

A shjocking story has come out of the UK, where a Christian couple has been denied the ability to adopt a chidl because they are good Christians and opposed homosexual actions. The judge said that gay rights are more important than religious freedom in that country. In fact, the judge said, gay rights trump all others.

This story is not about whether or not these foster parents are correct. It is about the state intervening and declaring it to be illegal to teach your own adoptive children the morals and values of your faith. This is a complete outrage.

How long will it be before it becomes illegal for ANY parent to teach their children about proper sexual behavior? Soon enough, if parents teach Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist values concerning sexual matters, their household will be classified as a dangerous area for children and they will be removed by child services.

This is a complete infringement of rights. These good Christians have already raised 15 adoptive children and everyone who knows this couple say they are the best parents a child could ask for.

This case is primarily about destroying a parent's God-given right to teach their children proper morals and ethics.

It seems all too possible that soon enough there will be guidelines distributed by the government telling parents what they ought and ought not teach their children. These will not just be guidelines or suggestions, but rather they will be enforceable by law, with strict penalties attached to disobeying them.

Our rights are being trampled on more and more each day. We deride totalitarian regimes which force their citizens to behave and act a certain way. How is it any different in the UK or Canada where freedom of religion is at an all-time low?

For those who agree with homosexual actions and believe it should take precedence over all over human rights, how would you react if the government said rape was now legal and encouraged and that anyone who taught against it would not be allowed to adopt children? Rape and homosexuality both fall under the category of sexual morals. Homosexuality, as believed by all major religions, is sinful. It should not be illegal for a parent to teach his or her children their belief on the subject.

Goodbye freedom, welcome 1984.

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Also, check out the book below for a good discussion of Catholic morals concerning homosexuality:


  1. I take one small issue with what you have written here. The way it's worded is like you are lumping homosexuality in with rape. Rape is a hateful and evil act done towards a victim. Homosexuality is not condoned by many religions but they aren't vicitmizing one another. I am not saying that makes it ok or not ok, I am just saying that to put it in the same paragraph with rape is harsh. As for the couple not being able to adopt because they don't agree with homosexuality, that's just ridiculous and sad. Has this couple ever said anything hateful about gays or threatening them? If not, then they should be able to adopt the child. Disagreeing with homosexuality is fine as long as people aren't hateful or dangerous about it.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I reread it myself and I agree. I should not have used that in the same sentence. I didn't mean to say homosexual acts are equal with rape. I was just saying that parents should be allowed to teach their kids good sexual morality without the government deeming them unfit. But I probably could have expressed that in a better way.