Monday, March 14, 2011

Exposing LEAF (Women's Legal Education and Action Fund)

The Women's Legal Education and Action Fund, or LEAF, is a blight on the name of Canada and should be shut down permanently. Rather than fight for human rights, this organization promotes pure evil. It's role is to influence court decisions in Canada to best reflect the culture of death. This may all sound rather extreme, but you may change your mind once you hear some of the things LEAF has been involved with, which are proudly published on their website.

1) Murdering Infants is Okay
In its most recent case, LEAF helped push a law which views infanticide as a far less serious crime than murder. If convicted of first-degree murder, a person faces 25 years in prison with the possibility of parole after that time. However, with infanticide, the jail term is a mere 5 years. LEAF defends this law saying that some women are just under a lot of stress after having a child, and therefore it is understandable if they decide to kill this child. Click here to read my more detailed treatment of this case.

2) Destroying Rights of Peaceful Pro-Life Supporters
In multiple court cases, some reaching the Supreme Court, (including R. v. Lewis, R. v. Demers, and Watson v. R; Spratt v. R) LEAF has attempted to ban peaceful demonstrators from being anywhere near abortion death mills. Contrary to popular media portrayal, most demonstrators at abortion mills are peaceful and loving. Usually they stand around praying and never touch anyone entering or leaving the facility. To these protesters, the women are entering a building in which they will kill their baby. The activists not only want the baby to live, but for the mother to avoid years of depression. LEAF wants to squelch any protest of this evil, and destroy freedom of speech.

3) Preventing Help for Gas-Sniffing Woman
This is a very disgusting case (Winnipeg Child and Family Services v. G (D.F.)). An aboriginal woman who was pregnant was getting high with gasoline fumes, thus endangering the life of her child. A judge said she must be involuntarily placed in a facility to prevent her from doing this. LEAF interjected and said that by trying to save the unborn baby's life, it could threaten abortion laws because this child would have to be considered a person. Since paying any attention to the health of this unborn child could affect the "sacrosanct" status of abortion in Canada, LEAF vehemently sought to allow the woman to continue to put her and her baby's health at risk with gasoline sniffing.

4) Ensuring two women were not charged with killing another woman's baby
In this case, Sullivan and Lemay v. The Queen, LEAF once again jumped in to make sure an unborn child was not protected under law. Two midwives were being charged with injuring a mother and killing her unborn children. Once again, LEAF was afraid that charging the midwives with killing an unborn child could give that child rights. In their twisted logic, LEAF felt it was helping the victim by only considering her a victim of these midwives. I doubt the woman feels the same way.

5) Denying Father his rights
In Daigle v. Tremblay (1989), LEAF interceded with the Supreme Court to make sure the father of the Daigle baby had no rights to determine the fate of his child. The father wanted the child to be born, but LEAF made sure he had no voice in the matter. Ironically, the law LEAF cited to further this case was the sex equality provisions of both the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. Somehow "sex equality" in Canada means the father has absolutely no say in what happens to his child.

6) Denying personhood of unborn child
In Borowski v. The Attorney General for Canada (1989), in which LEAF refers to Mr. Borowski as "anti-choice", LEAF was involved to say that the child in the mother's womb is not a separate person, nor a separate entity, but rather is simply a part of the woman's body. Of course, this completely defies logic. Where an individual is located does not determine his personhood. If put my finger in someone's mouth, that finger does not automatically become part of that person's body. Calling the individual in this case "anti-choice" says a lot about LEAF.

7) Mandated ignoring of babies in trouble
In 1987, LEAF was instrumental in forcing Child Services to not help a child. A mother, who was refusing to have a c-section, was carrying a child which Child Services deemed to be at risk. LEAF interceded to prevent Child Services from helping and insisted that the baby, about to born in mere hours, was not a person and thus not protected.

8) Irony
In 2000, LEAF was involved in defending a gay and lesbian store who were importing obscene material (Little Sisters Book & Art Emporium et al. v Minister of Justice et al.). They said the store should be allowed to continue. Ironically, 18 years prior, LEAF was involved in prosecuting a man for selling pornography in a store (Butler v. Her Majesty the Queen (1992)). They said selling pornography is obscene and therefore should be illegal. I guess according to LEAF, porn stores are bad for society unless they are gay and lesbian porn stores.

Another irony is found with the recent ruling. LEAF said women who kill their babies should only receive 20% the normal sentence (5 years vs. 25 years) because women are under a lot of stress, etc. However, in the La Maison des Femmes (1990) court case, LEAF investigated a sentence of a man which was reduced from second-degree murder to manslaughter. LEAF successfully campaigned to have this man put away for 14 years. So let's get this straight. If a woman kills her baby, that's ok. But if a man kills a woman, he deserves a very stiff sentence.

9) Other
I could go on with more and more examples, but this should be enough. LEAF represents the worst of Canada. They promote death to innocent babies and children, and believe that women have far more rights than men. This evil organization needs to be stopped.


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