Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Killing Newborns Is Not that Serious

This is something I did not know until now. Apparently in Ontario at least, and possibly elsewhere, there are specific Infanticide laws. Basically, if a person is charged with first-degree murder, the minimum sentence is 25 years in prison, after which they may possibly be paroled. However, there is a separate law for "Infanticide" which specifically applies to women who give birth and then soon after kill this baby. The sentence for this crime is a mere 5 years in prison.

Today in Ontario, this law was upheld. Controversy arose when a woman's defense team tried to use Infanticide as a defense in her murder trial of her not one but TWO children whom she killed on separate occasions. Basically if they could argue she didn't commit first degree murder, but rather "just" infanticide, her sentence would be reduced drastically.

There is actually an organization out there called LEAF, or the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund, which applauded the ruling. They say some women are under tremendous stress and therefore should not be charged with murder if they kill their babies.

This once again goes to show that Canada is not embarking on a slippery slope, it has already descended to the bottom of the moral cesspool. Newborns and little babies don't need LESS protection from the courts, but far more! How can the Canadian Court not only approve abortion, but also infanticide, by essentially valuing the life of a baby at 20% the life of an adult.

The Canadian Court has become a Kangaroo Court that no longer represents even a whiff of morality. It has just become the plaything of social engineers bent on destroying any semblance of Christian ethics.

The basis behind the ruling is that a lot of mothers are under stress after giving birth so if they kill their baby, well there was probably a good reason for it! Yes, of course, that makes total sense! My question is, what murders are ever committed by completely rational, logical, unemotional people? NONE! Murders are always committed by people who are not fully there. They are under stress or anger or fear, etc. To distinguish this murder is absurd.

Imagine a man kills his wife, and his defense is he was feeling depressed or upset or uneasy or anything like that? Do you think the court would invent a new criminal charge called uxoricide (the technical word for wife-killing) and then have a sentence of only 5 years in prison?

I do believe that in any murder case, the possibility of insanity must be analyzed. If a person is truly insane and completely incapable of understanding their actions in any way, then a more lenient or possibly no sentence may apply. However, this should be thoroughly proven, and the mere fact of a woman giving birth would not prove her insanity.

Peter Singer is one of the most despicable philosophers out there. He believes that women should have the option of killing their baby up to 6 months after birth. He sees this as a sort of "return policy" and an extension of abortion. I was always horrified when I heard about his philosophy and the thought that anyone would ever take him seriously. Well, it doesn't seem like such an impossibility anymore. The Government of Canada has already made inroads toward the legalization of killing newborns.

I really hope Canada makes at least a couple of attempts to pull itself out of its moral cesspool and starts to implement True and Good values rather than cater to the demands of the most extreme and misanthropic groups in the world.


  1. Hi Phil. This is certainly an interesting (and depressing!!!) article. I would like to see some links to these Ontario laws and LEAF's standings. I don't doubt your research, but this is so mind blowingly disturbing that I would like to see the source. I wish everyone could see that life is precious, no matter what stage.

  2. Thanks for your inquiry AN. You can find an article on this here:

    I haven't yet located the actual law, like on the Ontario Justice Department's website or something. But it's being widely reported.

    To find out more about LEAF, visit I will be publishing an article on March 14th, exposing some of the immoral stuff LEAF has been involved with.