Thursday, March 03, 2011

Catholic Pakistani Politician Martyred

Shahbaz Bhatti, the first and only Christian member of the Cabinet of Pakistan, was assassinated today by Islamic extremists for simply speaking up for Christians and other minorities in the country. He is a true 21st century martyr.

Bhatti supported the revision of blasphemy laws in Pakistan which carry the death penalty. He also did things like seeking to have non-Muslim prayer areas in prisons, promoted interfaith harmony, and just basically sought to give minorities some rights in this Muslim country.

Never did he say or do anything which anyone could consider blasphemous. But he was murdered by Tehrik-i-Taliban. This is no small group, with an estimated 35,000 members.

The Vatican decried the killing as "unspeakable". Other world leaders joined together to denounce the attack and call for justice.

The murder happened near his mother's house. He was ambushed in his car, which was riddled with bullets. Those who murdered this innocent, defenseless man are cowards. They are spineless and evil. To think they did this to please God is truly astonishing. God is pleased, not by these savages, but by the witness of Shabaz Bhatti.

As some have said, Pakistani minorities are now left orphaned with the loss of this great man. These Muslim groups will continue to use intimidation to get their way. Let's keep Shabaz Bhatti and his family and friends in our prayers.

Here is a photo gallery of Shabaz Bhatti:

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  1. It's way past time that people living under a death threat from Islam took matters into their own hands. After Shabhaz Bhatti realized that informing the powers that be about the threats against his life were going unheeded, he should've got a little squad of armed volunteers together so that any attempt on his life would extract a high price from his cowardly attackers. Expecting Muslims to help you when you are under a death threat issued according to Islam's Sharia laws is utterly futile.